Nutrition Breaks:


Supervision is provided in the classrooms during both nutrition breaks. Students wishing to go home for lunch may do so at the afternoon break between 1:35 p.m. and 2:15 p.m. Afternoon attendance check will occur following the afternoon break.  Students will eat inside for the first part of the break and will go outside during the last 20 minutes.  Food may not be taken outside to eat. Kindergarten students will eat inside during the first part of the break and will go outside for the second part of the break.

Students eating lunch at Southridge Public School are expected to:

  • remain seated during the nutrition break until a supervisor gives permission to leave
  • eat carefully, neatly and quietly
  • take leftover food home
  • clean up the eating area and put waste in the garbage can at dismissal
  • recycle all appropriate materials in the blue boxes.

During inclement weather the students are supervised in the classrooms of the school. Students are to engage in quiet indoor activities.

In order to make lunch a safe time for all, students are expected to follow the nutrition break guidelines. With everyone’s cooperation we can make our nutrition breaks a safe and pleasant experience.

We ask that NO Nuts and NO Nut products be sent to school. Due to serious allergies of some of our students, please enjoy these items at home.

Remember to reduce your waste. Please use reusable containers and water bottles to pack lunches.