Safe Arrivals Program   

  519-576-0940 dial ext. 1

Promptness and regularity are necessary attendance traits that contribute to a child’s overall success at school. If your child is to be absent or late, please call the school’s attendance line (see above); or you can also email us at  Both options are available 24/7. Our office staff will phone your home if you do not let us know your child is absent.

If you are picking up your child before the end of the regular school day, please send a note to the teacher or make a phone call to the office. When you arrive at the school, please go right to the office to sign him or her out.  We will call your child to the office to meet you.

Late Arrival to School:

A child is late when arrival occurs after O’Canada or classes have begun. When your child arrives late, she or he must report to the office so that we are made aware of the child’s arrival.

To communicate with school and home, your child will be given a late slip/sticker which will be put into the planner. This daily communication of lateness underscores the fact that at an Elementary School level it is a parent responsibility to ensure timely arrival for school each day.

Early Withdrawal from School:

Will you be going on vacation or visiting relatives for 5 days or more when it’s not a regular school holiday? If so, we require that you complete a Temporary Student Withdrawal Parent Request form.  The form states that the parent is responsible for the student and any work missed during the period of absence.

Student Information:

Please inform the office when your phone number changes or when your child will no longer be attending our school due to a move. A transfer form will be prepared to accompany your child to the new school.  All other records will be forwarded upon request from the Principal of the new school.

Student Access to Telephones:

The office is frequently very busy during the school day and all the telephone lines are often in use. Please encourage your child to make prior arrangements for after school or social activities, as we will not grant permission for calls of this nature. Students may use the phone at the office in an emergency outside of class time.

 Cell Phones:

Cell phones and other electronic devices (MP3 players, Ipads, etc.) are not to be used in the school or on the playground during the school day. These devices need to be turned off and kept in the student’s backpack.  Southridge Public School will not assume any responsibility for any devices that are lost, stolen or broken.

 Phone Messages From Parents:

While we attempt to relay all messages, the school cannot guarantee that students will receive phone messages from parents on time.  Please attempt to make your arrangements in advance.