We are pleased to bring you the CCRP Family Reading Program!

This magazine subscription sale will help raise needed funds for programs and activities that benefit our students and at the same time it promotes reading literacy.

Our school retains a significant portion of the subscription price for every magazine purchased, so every order counts!!  Our goal is to have all of our students involved.

3 Ways to Order Magazine Subscriptions:

  • NEW subscriptions can be purchased.
  • RENEW any subscriptions that are currently being received.  The renewal orders that you subscribe to will be added on to the current subscription and the expiry date is extended.  Please transfer information from current address labels to the order form.  Coupons are also accepted as long as they are for the same term (# of issues) and in Canadian currency.
  • GIFT ORDERS can be sent to anyone in Canada ONLY (Christmas, birthdays, etc.)  Gift cards are available in the OFFICE or ONLINE

All of your subscriptions are guaranteed 100%. If you have any service concerns, please contact CCRP at 1-800-665-5133.  Please visit their website www.ccrp.ca – our school code is ON246.