February 2016 Newsletter


February 2016

*Please remember, there is no student drop off or pick up in the school parking lots. Please park on our side streets when driving your child to and from school.

 Welcome to term 2.

First Term Report Cards will be going home on Friday, February 19th. Please be sure to complete, sign and return the form on pages 3 and 4.

Last month, we addressed the Character trait of Hope, and this month, we are focusing on Kindness. Kindness is defined as “helping others with your caring words and actions.” We would like to encourage you to find ways that you can support your children in thinking about showing kindness to others.

Geoff Suderman-Gladwell     Heather Forman

Principal                                 Vice Principal


Winter brings with it the possibility of poor weather and the need to cancel buses or temporarily close schools.

During periods of severe weather, please check the WRDSB website or listen to a local radio station for information about bus cancellations or school closings. Families need to listen or look for these announcements as the school will not call.


Our Safe Arrival Program continues to run. Thank you to our many parents who call in faithfully when their child is going to be absent. Please remember to use our Attendance Line to report absences.

Attendance Line
519 570 8130 ext. 3762


If you know in advance that you have to make a change in the time that your child will be picked up, or the person with whom your child is to go home after school, please make arrangements with your child ahead of time. The office has been inundated with phone calls from parents needing to deliver messages to children just prior to end of day dismissal. Not only does this interrupt classes, but it also makes it difficult to ensure that all messages are received in a timely manner.


We continue to have quite a collection of clothing that has gathered in our lost and found bins.  Please be sure to check if any of the lost and found items belong to you.


Our next School Council meeting is Tuesday, February 19th at 7:00PM in the library. All parents are welcome.


February 15 Family Day: No School
February 16 School Council Meeting: 7:00 p.m.
February 19 Report Cards go home.
February 26 PD Day – no school for students
March 14-18 March Break